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Not just pure but safe drinking water Water treatment system that will correct the most common quality problems
  1. Water is not getting to our house. What should we do?
    Answer: To start with, try turning off your system for a minimum of 60 seconds. When you turn it back on, it may restart itself.
  2. Water is very cloudy and the pump isn’t working. Do I need to fix the pump, or will I have to buy a new one?
    Answer: It may not be the pump itself. Iron and debris collect in the bottom of the tank over time. If you have not had your tank cleaned recently, the system may be clogged up. If so, a simple cleaning may do the trick.
  3. Do you drill wells?
    Answer: We don’t drill wells. We reclamate existing wells. Let me ask you, why do you want to drill a new well? Often, we find there are existing sources of water on people’s property that they are unaware of. Those sources should be looked at first.
  4. What if we don’t want to use any of the existing water sources for additional personal use?
    Answer: So, use the additional sources for irrigation only, which will lighten the load of any water existing for drinking water.
  5. We have a water softener, but we still get redness in our showers, sinks, faucets, etc. What can be done?
    Answer: The Sanex filter. Although it is not a water softener, it does correct the conditions that cause these mineral deposits. Plus, you get great drinking water in the bargain.
  6. There hasn’t been a good rainfall this year. Do we need another holding tank for storage?
    Answer: The final decision is always yours. However, think about how many gallons of water a tank holds. Divide that by the number gallons you use in a day. Take that and divide it by what it costs you to put in another tank. Pretty expensive water, don’t you think? Plus, remember when it’s gone, it’s gone. Your property will only produce so much water no matter how many holding tanks you have.
    What amount of water your property is able to produce?—Should be your first question.
  7. I have been watching my Sanex Filtration System all weekend. It isn’t recovering after it goes through filtration. What do I do?
    Answer: The Sanex Filter has a “Manual Regeneration” you use.
  8. Do you sell tanks?
    Answer: Yes, along with delivery and complete installation.