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Not just pure but safe drinking water Water treatment system that will correct the most common quality problems

West County Water was started by its owner, James A. Baird, in 1993. When Jim started this company, he had an idea. He wanted to help people understand the industry and he wanted to design water systems that not only would meet individual users' needs but also would be more cost effective and provide them with better quality water maintenance free. To that end:

  • Jim has initiated a program for his existing customers that allows them to call him when they have a problem. Further, if they can give him all the symptoms of the problem, he will try to help them correct the problem via phone. There is no charge for this service. In addition, it helps them become more acquainted with how their system works and how they can avoid failures, saving them money and downtime. (Most problems are usually small.)
  • For new clients, Jim will spend time on the phone with his customers zeroing in on the problem. If a service call is necessary, he has a better chance of arriving at the property fully prepared, saving this customers time and money.
  • Jim has also spent years developing new products, just to name a couple: Control Box, which pumps, or his SANEX ozone circulating filter, which eliminates a list of metals, minerals, bacteria, viruses and molds specific to Sonoma's West County area (see brochure for complete list). The brochure also explains the SANEX filter conserves water and energy.
  • Jim has always wanted to help people understand things—like how to maintain their water system, or how simple and important it is to renew their aquifer, or do they have a water problem or a water storage problem—so he has done some extensive studies on these issues as well as others.

West County Water has a permanent client base numbering in the thousands. They have all enjoyed the benefits mentioned above.