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  • New Water Systems

    West County Water has spent 6 years developing and perfecting a water treatment system that will correct the most common quality problems.

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  • Water System Service & Repair

    West County Water provides professional well services and has the knowledge and experience to provide you with a safe and dependable water system.

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  • Water Quality Inspections

    The specialized equipment that we have is designed to improve the quality of your water treatment...

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About West County Water

About Us
West County Water was started by its owner, James A. Baird, in 1993. Jim is a Licensed Well Drilling Contractor with the State of California (Lic #643435) and a retired Operating Engineer with patents for products he has developed. His associate, Russell Stabler, is a chemist who worked for Roche Labs for 20 yrs and has a few patents of his own.

The West Sonoma County Coastal Mountain Ranges is where Jim Baird made his home since 1983. During that time he has made it part of his business to test ground saturation levels, the aquafir system and how they work, mineral content and the list goes on. Because of the time he has spent studying and researching this area with its unique geological make-up, he prefers to limit his business to this area. However, he has installed systems as far north as Bainbridge Island in Seattle Washington.

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